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Alumanate Architectural

Alumanate Architectural ACM is composed of two sheets of aluminum bonded to either a mineral-based FR (fire resistant) or PE (polyethylene) core. Alumanate Architectural ACM can be used for many applications such as exterior and interior cladding, column covers, canopies and even clean rooms. The versatile nature of Alumanate Architectural ACM enables architects to deliver inspiring, original and innovative design solutions while adhering to sustainable design standards.

Product Details


Listed in the chart are our standard thicknesses, panel sizes and colors that are commonly available. We specialize in custom orders, so please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

Avenue 81 Exterior Photo with Alumanate's AmeraCore Aluminum Composite Panel

Panel Thickness

3mm, 4mm, 6mm


PE, FR (Fire Resistant)

Alu. Skin Thickness

.012", .020"


Solid Colors, Metallic, Mica, Prismatic, Multi-Color Finishes, Stone and Timber Effects, Decorative Metal Finishes, Natural Metals and Anodized Aluminum.


48"x96", 48"x120", 60"x120", 62"x196"

Fire Resistant

Fire safety is important for any building

project, and a fire-retardant panel is

typically required in buildings that

exceed a minimum height as specified

by applicable codes. Alumanate FR is one

of the most advanced fire-retardant

materials available and meets ASTM E84,

NFPA 285, CAN/ULC S102, CAN/ULC S134

Unlimited Color

Maximum brand impact comes from

forming a long-lasting customer impression. Around the world, companies rely on

Alumanate Architectural to amplify the

visual impact of their brands. Alumanate Architectural is available in a nearly limitless

array of stock and custom finish options.

Effortless Fabrication

Alumanate ACM is easy to fabricate using ordinary wood and metalworking tools, and can be formed into complexly bent and radiused shapes. Our ACM can accommodate virtually any architectural fastening system, and are perfect for curtain wall façades, rainscreen systems, interior walls, corporate signage and more.


Alumanate FR is IBC-listed to ensure compliance with fire codes worldwide.

30 Year Warranty

70% PVDF and 3-coat FEVE coil coated finishes.

Lightweight & Flat

Alumanate PE & FR weigh only 1.12 & 1.56lbs per sqft respectively.

Building with Alumanate's AmeraCore Aluminum Composite Material

Product Details

Calgary Bus Stops with Alumanate's AmeraCore Aluminum Composite Material

Additional Information

  • What is ACM?
    Aluminum composite material (ACM) is a three-layer composite sheet with plastic as the core layer and aluminum on both sides, and the ornamental surface of the product is covered with decorative and protective coating.
  • What makes ACM a great material?
    Whether utilized indoors or outdoors, ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) offers a versatile solution for applications demanding high strength, lightweight properties, and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. With an extensive range of colors and finishes available, these panels provide architects and designers with endless possibilities for creating striking forms and shapes. One of the key advantages of ACM is its ease of fabrication, which surpasses that of bare sheet metal, making it a preferred choice for many users. Additionally, ACM maintains its appearance and shape over time, thanks to its flexible plastic core that prevents warping and distortion, coupled with the long-term durability, rigidity, and resilience provided by the aluminum layers, ensuring suitability for various climates.
  • Common Applications
    Building and Construction, Wall Coverings & Wall Cladding, Store Front Signage, Printing/Design, Stage Design, Canopies, POS/Display, and Automotive.

Featured Projects

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