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Alumanate Hybrid Corrugation  


Hybrid Corrugation Technology 

Alumanate Hybrid Corrugated Panel (HCP) is the newest addition to Alumanate's line of products. Alumanate HCP is a corrugation style panel that is A2 fire rated and 100% recyclable. Our core was designed to achieve a light construction that is extremely durable yet easy to fabricate. Our HCP is constructed using 3003 alloy on both the aluminum facings as well as the core itself. We use a non-combustible high strength adhesive to bond all 3 layers of the panel together. Alumanate HCP is a cost effective option that allows you to add a lightweight, fire resistant material to any project. 


Alumanate Hybrid Corrugated Panel is available in 3mm, 4mm & 6mm panel thicknesses, and 0.50mm, 0.60mm & 0.70mm aluminum skin thicknesses. 

Finish Options

Our Hybrid Corrugated Panel can be coated in either PVDF Kynar 500, 3-coat FEVE or Printable Polyester (PE). All of our stock colors including brushed aluminum, stone and wood finishes are available to be coated on our Hybrid Corrugated Panel.  

For more detailed information on this Alumanate Architectural Product, please contact one of our sales representitives at

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